Wulfgar Weapons & Props BSI CA super glue

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Wulfgar Weapons & Props BSI CA super glue

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Recommended for gluing most anything together: Maxi-Cure.  This is the glue we legit keep in our pockets and tell people about every convention and panel we do. 

Comes in 2oz, 4oz and 8oz bottles



Solution to dissolve CA glue like Maxi-Cure and all of our other glues.  Perfect for cleanup of projects or your fingers.  Highly recommended to have one bottle of this around.

Comes in 1oz bottle. 


5 minute epoxy resin:

Easy to use and sets in 5 minutes.  2 part epoxy.  This is a must when you absolutely need something to never ever come undone. 


Red Tread Locker:

Recommended when using metal bolts, nuts or screws as this will make sure they don't move or come increased.  Locks everything in place

Comes in 2oz bottle


Super Gold: 

Same as maxi-cure but more expensive as it does not cloud and dries clear - perfect for Acrylics and anything where the glue may be showing.

Comes in 1oz bottle