AK-74u Rifle Prop

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1 : 1 scale AK 74u prop gun - movie film

Realistic action rifle - Pull-able trigger and slide, removable magazine

Perfect for display call, cosplay, costume, film prop, or battlefield reenactment.

Made of plastic, metal and protective coated.  

"Gold Variant" Available on the drop down option

Can add a wrap or other mods via our custom commission form. 

NON-FIRING, cannot be modified to live fire. 

Made famous by many movies and games, but some include: Resident Evil, freedom fighters, hitman, metal gear, ghost in the shell, music videos, kick-ass, fast and the furious, Jason Bourne (Bourne Supremacy), Nathan Drake, Laura Croft, Punisher War Zone, Mission: Impossible, Tomb Raider, Mercenary, Duty

Also unknown as: AK-47 AK 47 AK-105 AK-107, ak 47, ak74u, ak47, ak74
Golden AK74u Prop Replica (Kingpin, Bossfight, Cosplay, Prop, Replica)

This replica gun contains the colored markings required by law, including a permanently attached orange plug.